Association Cup 2017/18   12/10/2017

Dear Club Secretary,

Please find attached the Volleyball Ireland Association Cup entry form for the 2017/18 season. 

We hope that as many league teams as possible will enter the competition this year. Last season we had 20 teams entering (11 women; 9 men) and we hope that we get similar numbers this year, if not more. If you have non-league teams in your club, we would love for them to take part too.

Contrary to the season calendar, the deadline for entries is Friday 27 October 2017. Apologies for the delay in getting this notice out to clubs.

We will provide you with further guidelines and timelines regarding when the specific rounds of the Cup and Shield must be played when we send out the draw. In any case we will run the competition on some or all of the following weekends – 2/3 Dec, 6/7 Jan, 17/18 Feb, 10/11 Mar – per the official calendar.

The semi-finals of the Cups and finals of the Shield will be held on the weekend of the 7/8 April (separate communication regarding this event will follow in the coming days) and the Cup finals on 28 April 2018.

We would also draw your attention to the following matters that will be in force again this season:

  • The Competitions Commission will seed 2 or 4 teams (giving due regards to the number of teams entered) as it sees fit. The seeded teams and seeding methodology will be published with the results of the draw.
  • In the first round, where one of the teams is not from the Dublin/Kildare region, the home team is automatically deemed to be the non-Dublin/Kildare team. If both or neither team is from the Dublin/Kildare region the home team is deemed to be whoever was drawn as the home team.

The draw will be held at 7pm on Wednesday, 1 November in the Alexander Hotel, 41-47 Fenian St, Dublin 2 ( All spectators are welcome (N.B. this was originally scheduled for 25 October so beware the date change). Details of the draw will be emailed to clubs the following day along with the deadlines for organising fixtures.

If you have any queries on the Association Cup, please don’t hesitate to contact the office or the Competitions Commission directly.

Yours in Sport,

Jennifer Fitzgerald

President, Competitions Commission

Tel: 01-6707165 Fax: 01-6707167 Address: 141 Thomas St, Dublin 8