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Voluntary Youth Club Grant Scheme... 18/04/2018
Voluntary Youth Club Grant Scheme 2018. LMETB wishes to invite...

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown - Sports... 18/04/2018
Hello,Join us at our upcoming Sports Forum Meeting in IADT College...

2017/18 Association Cup and Shield... 17/04/2018
Congratulations to all teams for making it to the cup/shield...

New General Manager for Volleyball... 29/03/2018
Volleyball Ireland are delighted to announce the appointment...

South Dublin Sports Partnership... 26/03/2018
Dear Clubs,South Dublin Sports Partnership have released their...

2018-04-19Premier Women
Newbridge 2 vs3 DVC@Holy Family Secondary School
2018-04-19Division 1 Women
Santry 0 vs3 TCD@Artane Recreation Centre
2018-04-18Division 2 Women
Newbridge Pumas 3 vs1 Newbridge @Holy Family Secondary School
2018-04-17Premier Men
UCD 3 vs0 Aer Lingus Saints@ALSAA
2018-04-15Premier Men
UCD 3 vs1 Garda@University College Dublin
Tallaght Rockets PM 3 vs1 Munster Thunder@Firhouse community college
2018-04-15Division 1 Men
Santry 0 vs3 Aer Lingus Harriers@Artane Recreation Centre
2018-04-15Premier Women
Newbridge 0 vs3 Galway VC@Holy Family Secondary School
DVC 3 vs1 Naas@Colaiste Bride Clondalkin
UCD 3 vs2 Garda@University College Dublin
Santry 3 vs1 Ballymun Patriots@Artane Recreation Centre
2018-04-15Division 1 Women
Santry 3 vs0 Dalkey Devils@Artane Recreation Centre
Newbridge Panthers 2 vs3 Mayo VC@Holy Family Secondary School
2018-04-15Division 2 Women
Santry 3 vs1 Aer Lingus Hawks@Artane Recreation Centre
Newbridge 0 vs3 Munster Thunder@Holy Family Secondary School
2018-04-14Premier Men
Naas Eagles 3 vs1 Ballymun Patriots@TBC
2018-04-14Division 1 Men
IT Carlow 3 vs1 Garda@IT Carlow
TCD 0 vs3 Aer Lingus Masters@Trinity College Dublin
2018-04-14Premier Women
Galway VC 3 vs0 Ballymun Patriots@Calasanctius College Oranmore
2018-04-14Division 1 Women
TCD 3 vs0 Aer Lingus Hawks@Trinity College Dublin
2018-04-14Division 2 Women
Newbridge 0 vs3 Net Force@Holy Family Secondary School
2018-04-11Division 1 Men
IT Carlow 3 vs1 Aer Lingus Masters@IT Carlow
2018-04-11Division 1 Women
Santry 2 vs3 Aer Lingus Hawks@Holy Family Secondary School
2018-04-11Division 2 Women
Santry 3 vs1 Newbridge Pumas@Artane Recreation Centre
2018-04-08Association Shield Women
Munster Thunder 1 vs3 TCD@Ardscoil Ris
2018-04-08Division 1 Men
Polish VC Galway 1 vs3 Aer Lingus Harriers@Calasanctius College Oranmore
2018-04-07Association Shield Men
Garda 5.0 1 vs3 Ballymun Patriots@TBC
2018-04-07Association Cup Men
DVC 3 vs1 Aer Lingus Saints@IT Carlow
Tallaght Rockets PM 3 vs1 IT Carlow@IT Carlow
2018-03-27Premier Men
DVC 1 vs3 Aer Lingus Saints@Colaiste Bride Clondalkin
2018-03-27Division 1 Men
Garda 3 vs2 Tallaght Rockets PM@Colaiste De Hide Tallaght
2018-03-26Division 1 Men
Santry 1 vs3 Garda@Artane Recreation Centre
2018-03-26Division 1 Women
Santry 3 vs2 Garda@Artane Recreation Centre
2018-03-25Premier Men
DVC 2 vs3 Munster Thunder@Colaiste Bride Clondalkin
2018-03-25Division 1 Men
TCD 3 vs0 Polish VC Galway@Trinity College Dublin
2018-03-25Premier Women
Santry 1 vs3 UCD@Artane Recreation Centre
DVC 1 vs3 Galway VC@Colaiste Bride Clondalkin
2018-03-25Division 1 Women
TCD 3 vs1 Mayo VC@Trinity College Dublin
2018-03-25Division 2 Women
Net Force 0 vs3 Munster Thunder@Colaiste Chriost Ri-Capwell Road-Turners Cross-Cork City.
2018-03-24Premier Men
Aer Lingus Saints 1 vs3 Ballymun Patriots@ALSAA
Tallaght Rockets PM 0 vs3 DVC@Colaiste De Hide Tallaght
Garda 1 vs3 Tallaght Rockets PM@Colaiste De Hide Tallaght
Naas Eagles 0 vs3 UCD@St Marys College Naas
2018-03-24Division 1 Men
Polish VC Galway 3 vs0 Garda@TBC
2018-03-24Premier Women
Naas 3 vs1 Ballymun Patriots@St Marys College Naas
UCD 3 vs1 DVC@Colaiste Bride Clondalkin
Garda 3 vs0 Newbridge @Colaiste De Hide Tallaght
2018-03-24Division 1 Women
Mayo VC 3 vs1 Dalkey Devils@St Louis School-Kiltimagh-Mayo
Garda 3 vs0 Newbridge Panthers@Colaiste De Hide Tallaght

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